Selected Data and Tools for Economic Impact Analysis

State transportation planners are increasingly being called upon to look beyond typical measures of system performance and examine economic impacts of transportation investments.

Economic analysis helps ensure transportation projects support growth in the local economy, promote economic competitiveness of regions, and make the best, most efficient use of scarce public dollars.

This website shows the range of indicators used in transportation economic analysis. This site also assesses available models and data.

The Scorecard

The Scorecard is a decision support tool that summarizes measures of economic impact and the data and tools available to assess the impacts as part of the state transportation planning process.

By matching tools to indicators, the Scorecard allows transportation planners to easily see how economic analysis can be added to the planning process and types of tools that will work best for them.

The Scorecard Guide

The Scorecard Guide explains all of the elements of the Scorecard. It also provides examples of how to apply the Scorecard to analytical questions for specific types of transportation projects.

Economic Effects of Public Investment in Transportation and Directions for the Future

The Report summarizes the current state of the practice in transportation economic analysis, including real-world examples from interviews with state transportation agencies.

Annotated Bibliography

The Annotated Bibliography is an extensive overview of the relevant literature in the transportation economic analysis field. Use this document to understand what experts are saying on economic analysis indicators and tools and find links to additional resources.