Virginia governor proposes scrapping gas tax, raising sales tax to fund transportation

By Eric Sundquist Most discussion of possible solutions to the problem of stagnant gas tax revenues has focused on increasing user fees in some way – e.g., by raising fuel taxes, adding tolls, and/or adding VMT-based fees. The Minnesota Transportation Finance Advisory Committee called for all

Value Pricing and Traffic Reduction Incentives (New Jersey Institute of Technology, 2012)

The Value Pricing theory involves altering the pricing of transportation facilities, so that it can lead to improved service for transportation users, leading to a more productive use of existing transportation capacities. The problem often faced in value pricing experiments is an increase in

Will drivers pay the price to use fastest road in the Americas?

By Bill Holloway A new stretch of toll road through central Texas linking Austin to San Antonio, State Highway 130, may soon have the highest posted speed limit in the hemisphere. Once completed, sections five and six of the project, totaling 41 miles, may be the first to allow drivers to travel

Traffic Congestion: Road Pricing Can Help Reduce Congestion, but Equity Concerns May Grow (GAO, 2011)

Traffic Congestion: Road Pricing Can Help Reduce Congestion, but Equity Concerns May Grow is a report issued by the Government Accountability Office. It examines whether road pricing can reduce congestion, both for those who use toll lanes and for those that do not. It also examines concerns

No unanimity on Illinois Tollway proposal to increase tolls

The Illinois Tollway wants to fund a $12 billion 15-year capital plan with increases in tolls. Two-thirds of the money is to keep the existing 286 miles of the Tollway in a state of good repair and one-third to expansion projects. If the increase goes through, I-PASS holders will see their rates

And in Washington State: Anti-toll initiative heads to the ballot box

A citizen-sponsored initiative to restrict use of highway tolls, targeting both road and related transit projects, will be on the November ballot in Washington State. The measure would restrict toll revenues to the facility on which they are collected; end tolling “after the cost of the project

And in the same year that Eisenhower introduced the National Highway System

Time Magazine in 1955 gushed about toll roads: “EVERYBODY agrees that the U.S. needs more and better roads, but almost nobody agrees on how to pay for them. While the argument rages, Texas has gone ahead and devised something new: the nation’s first privately owned and privately financed

Tolling the interstates

States are generally prohibited from tolling previously free portions of the Interstate Highway System, under the view that the road has already been paid for. There is currently one exception to the rule and more states are expressing interest in using that exception. In 1998 Congress created a