Beyond silos—Funding a multimodal transportation system

By Mary Ebeling There is an increasing urgency to addressing the transportation funding crisis, not simply for highways but system-wide. As urban areas—where most of the country’s population lives—become increasingly multimodal, a shift in the funding paradigm is required for such a system

Tennessee uses software to predict crashes

By Robbie Webber The Tennessee Highway Patrol has begun using software that will predict where crashes and other safety problems will occur. However, instead of simply identifying problem locations over the long term, the model looks at four-hour segments and 30 square mile areas. This allows

Tennessee DOT breaks ground on nation’s largest traffic incident training facility

By Chris McCahill The Tennessee Department of Transportation started construction early this month on a Traffic Incident Management Training Facility just outside of Nashville, the first of its kind in the country. The project—worth close to a million dollars—is a joint effort between TDOT