street design

Baltimore fire code eased to allow bike lanes, more flexible design

By Saumya Jain On Aug 6, Baltimore City Council voted unanimously to approve a bill that repeals parts of the city fire code to allow for more bike-friendly and pedestrian-safe street developments. Although the bill still awaits Mayor Catherine Pugh’s signature, a mayoral spokesperson said on

Cities and airports look to develop best practices for rideshare pick-ups and drop-offs

By Brian Lutenegger The demand for ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft is exploding in many U.S. cities, particularly in larger cities where households are less likely to own a car or drive to work. In high-traffic locations with limited open curbside space, pick-ups and drop-offs can

Compact fire trucks: A controversial issue simplified

By Logan Dredske The San Francisco Fire Department (SFFD) is welcoming new and compact fire trucks that will allow for more pedestrian-friendly street design throughout the city. The new trucks are a result of a partnership between the fire department, San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, Walk San

Return of the Barnes Dance

By Sam Sklar Cities across the U.S. are once again installing a formerly-common intersection treatment: the “Barnes Dance” or pedestrian scramble, which allows pedestrian movements in all directions simultaneously, including diagonally. A new installation in Washington, D.C., demonstrates

Death by a thousand trucks: Managing urban freight congestion

By Mary Ebeling As urban residents place orders for online goods with increasing frequency, the challenge of managing urban freight deliveries grows. City street networks—designed for transit, walking, and biking—are unable to handle this level of freight traffic. Cities, freight haulers, and

Fire codes threaten to undo urban street design

By Chris McCahill A local debate over on-street parking in Florida typifies how codes and standards can obstruct walkable urban street design and, apparently, put those designs in jeopardy even after they have been implemented. Celebration is a traditional-style development, created by Disney in

Measuring the Street: New Metrics for 21st Century Streets (New York City DOT, 2012)

New York City’s streets are constantly called on to the meet new and varied needs of a growing, dynamic, 21st Century city – and to do this in a complex environment where there is little opportunity to expand the existing  footprint. How do city leaders address these challenges and