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Virginia’s SMART SCALE helped Hampton Roads improve its transportation projects

By Robbie Webber The December 12 edition of the Daily Press (Hampton Roads) features an editorial by Virginia DOT Secretary Aubrey Layne explaining how the state’s new project selection process, dubbed SMART SCALE, improved the way transportation projects are planned and developed. The

Tennessee DOT to cover 95 percent of costs for local multimodal access projects

By Chris McCahill Tennessee DOT recently announced the creation of a $30 million Multimodal Access Fund to support local projects that improve pedestrian, bicycle, and transit access to state routes and transit hubs. As part of the program, TDOT will cover 95 percent of costs for selected local

State DOT funding increases for public transportation

By Chris Spahr A new report from AASHTO shows that state funding for transit has increased from $13.8 billion in FY 2007 to $13.983 billion in 2011. This funding increase is a result of 18 states increasing their public transit funding by $1.23 billion, which made up for decreases in some other