As car commuting demand changes, highways and parking lots give way to development

By Michael Brenneis Urban highways and plentiful surface parking lots, once considered essential, have outlived their promise in many large U.S. cities. Observers see growing interest in dense urban living, with some mobile segments of the population opting out of car-dependent suburbs. Bold

Tulsa turns the corner on surface parking

By Bill Holloway Tulsa, Oklahoma, has extended its temporary ban on demolishing buildings downtown for new surface parking lots until the first of September while the City Planning Department crafts a zoning ordinance that would place new restrictions on downtown surface parking lots. The new

Impacts of light rail on property values vary by distance and income level

A new study on the economic effects of New Jersey’s River Line light rail system has shed some light on the complex relationship between transportation infrastructure and the housing market. Previous research in Portland, Santa Clara, and San Diego has shown that there is a general increase in