It’s not all about the mode: Race and gender bias in yielding to non-motorized road users

By Mary Ebeling Two recent studies suggest that bias in driver behavior toward other road users could be contributing to enhanced stress levels for certain groups of pedestrians and bicyclists. Recent research documents a difference in drivers yielding to pedestrians based on race in Portland,

Portland app developer aims to count more bicyclists

By Robbie Webber A Portland app developer may change the way we count bicycle traffic if his $50 device works as planned. As bicycling grows as a transportation choice, cities have been getting serious about counting how many people are using the paths, bike lanes, and local streets. But counting

Portland considering new parking lot tax to spur development

By Bill Holloway Portland is considering a new tax on surface parking lots to spur development in the Old Town Chinatown neighborhood. John Russell, a Portland developer who owns buildings in the neighborhood and is pushing for the tax, claims that his planned restoration of a nineteenth century

The Life and Death of Urban Highways (Institute for Transportation & Development Policy and EMBARQ, 2012)

Case studies of cities which have removed elevated urban highways, as well as an examination of why urban highways should be removed. Download the full report.