Two lawsuits seek to rein in transit data patent troll

By Robbie Webber After suing dozens of transit agencies and hundreds of private companies, patent troll company ArrivalStar could be hitting the wall. The United States Patent and Trademark Office has drastically narrowed the patent owned by the company after the Electronic Frontier Foundation

Bill would rein in patent trolling of transit systems

By Eric Sundquist A bipartisan bill pending in a U.S. House committee would put “patent trolls” on the hook for defendants’ legal costs, making unfounded patent-infringement suits less attractive. The Saving High-Tech Innovators from Egregious Legal Disputes (SHIELD) Act, or H.R. 845, was

Update: Group challenges alleged patent-trolling that targets transit systems

By Eric Sundquist In April, SSTI reported that a firm called ArrivalStar was asserting patent rights to a bus-arrival announcement system it claims to have invented, demanding that transit agencies and delivery companies pay for the right to use bus- and train-arrival apps and other tracking

“Patent troll” targets transit agencies over vehicle tracking apps

For years, technology companies have battled “patent trolls,” individuals and firms that do not produce products, but instead sue to assert patent rights to various innovations. A working paper from Boston University Law School, charges that such lawsuits drained $500 billion from tech