Reinventing the urban interstate

TCRP has released a report entitled Reinventing the Urban Interstate: A New Paradigm for Multimodal Corridors. The authors present a new design framework in which multimodal corridors can take one of three forms: Transit oriented multimodal corridors – designed to give transit a performance

Avoiding traffic jams

Going beyond smart parking meters, a software application looks at your personal travel patterns over a period of time and makes predictions about the best way to get to where you are going. “According to Fast Company’s Ariel Schwartz, ‘Instead of slogging through the traffic, your phone

New direction for the Highway Capacity Manual: Include active traffic management and a multimodal approach

The latest edition of the Highway Capacity Manual (HCM) updates how engineers and planners assess the traffic and environmental effects of highway projects. According to TRB: • It is the first HCM to provide an integrated multimodal approach to the analysis and evaluation of urban streets from