Technical assistance helped six MPOs improve how they prioritize projects

By Rayla Bellis Transportation agencies around the country are seeking more performance-driven approaches for prioritizing investments. We now have better tools than ever before for assessing outcomes from transportation investments in order to put scarce dollars to their highest and best value.

Learning from transit performance measures and data in California

By Mary Ebeling The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) sponsored a newly released report, Transit Performance Measures in California, by the Mineta Transportation Institute, as part of the agency’s efforts to understand what data and performance measures are being used by MPOs

SSTI seeks input on bike-ped performance measures

By Robbie Webber At the our May meeting, Making the Most of the Transportation Alternatives Program, and again during our July Community of Practice meeting we discussed performance measures for bicycle and pedestrian facilities. We have made some initial inquiries, and it turns out that as

How MPOs Are Handling TAP and SRTS (National Center for Safe Routes to School, 2013)

Large Metropolitan Planning Organizations are taking on a new role in supporting bicycling, walking, and Safe Routes to School as they begin to administer a portion of the new federal Transportation Alternatives program. This white paper from the National Center for Safe Routes to School is

Metropolitan Planning Organization Reform

Overview Since the early 1990s, federal law has increased the authority of Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs), and pending federal legislation is likely to give them additional spending powers and responsibilities. Yet, as important arms of local government, MPOs are problematic and

San Diego to buy bankrupt toll road (Is it a good deal?)

As reported recently by the LA Times, the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) is considering purchasing the South Bay Expressway (State Route 125), located near the US-Mexico border, for $345 million. The 10-mile toll road was initially expected to exemplify the benefits of