MassDOT seeks to triple transit, bike and walk share

By Eric Sundquist The Massachusetts Department of Transportation last week announced a goal of tripling the share of trips in the state taken by transit, bike, and walking by 2030. “I have news for you. We will build no more superhighways in this state. There is no room,” Transportation

Accelerated Bridge Construction offers less hassle for drivers and faster implementation for DOTs

By Ashwat Anandanarayanan Accelerated bridge construction (ABC) techniques are transforming the replacement and construction of bridges across the country, and commuters are benefiting from shorter construction schedules. The central component of accelerated bridge construction is the use of

New performance dashboards released in Massachusetts and Michigan

Two new performance measure systems went live in January in Massachusetts and Michigan (both SSTI states.) The systems aim to summarize state DOT-level measures, though one was developed independently of the state DOT and the other came from within. In Massachusetts, the Boston-based Pioneer

Pay by the Snowflake? writer Andy Kim described a pilot snow-removal program in the city of Quincy, Mass that used pay for performance: “The city’s Department of Public Works awarded a contract to a snow-removal company that pays per inches of snow plowed, rather than the standard pay scheme based on

Falling VMT and Insurance Rates with PAYD?

In its Clean Energy and Climate Plan, the authors assert that a mandatory charge-per-mile system for the entire state would reduce VMT by up to 9.5%. Massachusetts would like to find out. For a voluntary system, the reduction would be approximately 2%.