Brookings report provides insight into the impacts of congestion on the freight industry

By Chris Spahr A new report from the Brookings Institution, and its associated interactive tool, study the flow of freight among U.S. metropolitan areas. Findings from the report, authored by Adie Tomer and Joseph Kane, show that the 100 largest metropolitan areas transport 80 percent of all of

The fate of Detroit’s Chrysler Freeway—the public considers alternatives

By Mary Ebeling Recently SSTI reported on the possibility of the City of Detroit removing I-375, also named the Chrysler Freeway. Now a consultant team has released six alternatives for what might replace it. A lively conversation about the fate of this interstate spur—measuring just over one

Texas DOT will study feasibility of removing I-345 in Dallas

By Chris McCahill In February, the Texas DOT was considering only two options for a 1.4-mile stretch of Interstate-345 running through central Dallas: rehabilitating it, or replacing it with some other high capacity road such as a tunnel. Earlier this month, however, the agency agreed to work

Redefining mobility in the Motor City—the fate of I-375

By Mary Ebeling Detroit, home to the nation’s Big Three automakers, fully embraced the construction of the interstate highway through its urban core. The fact that this city, the epicenter of car culture, finds itself considering the removal of a freeway is a clear sign that transportation

Bookends on the highway era: A view at the start and a look back from today

Fortune magazine has republished a September 1958 article that takes stock of the Interstate construction boom, just then beginning. It’s a thorough and surprisingly prescient take, and one that reminds us that our highway system didn’t just happen by some invisible hand of the market or

Tolling the interstates

States are generally prohibited from tolling previously free portions of the Interstate Highway System, under the view that the road has already been paid for. There is currently one exception to the rule and more states are expressing interest in using that exception. In 1998 Congress created a

Big vision, big roads, what now?

We are used to thinking about American’s interstate system beginning with the Eisenhower era’s creation of a national defense highway system in the 1950’s. A new book “The Big Roads: The Untold Story of the Engineers, Visionaries, and Trailblazers Who Created the American Superhighways”