Interactive Chart Tracks Obama’s Transportation Policy Changes in 2011

Transportation Nation has created an interactive graph showing how President Obama’s focus on transportation policy shifted in 2011—from expanding and building upon the existing infrastructure to simply maintaining it. The graph shows, month-to-month, how many times important key words

Barge industry jumping on PR band wagon as river infrastructure begins to age

The barge industry is taking a page from freight railroad’s ad campaign to make its efficiencies known. They want to remind elected officials and average Americans that the river infrastructure, on which barge traffic depends, also needs funding as locks and dams operate on borrowed

SSTI Review of PennDOT’s Smart Transportation (SSTI, 2011)

Smart transportation is Pennsylvania DOT’s integrated response to the crisis of crumbling infrastructure, limited revenues to address it, and the need to better align transportation with community revitalization and sound land use policy. PennDOT was the first state program reviewed in detail

Funding infrastructure repairs: Pennsylvania considers its options

Budget constraints and a bleak economic forecast are forcing Governor Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania to consider new ways to fund improvements to the state’s transportation infrastructure. The Governor’s advisory commission estimates that $2.7 billion is needed to bring the system to a state of

And where we might be tomorrow: Bill Ford says “The mobility model we have today, will not work tomorrow.”

Bill Ford of Ford Motor Company spoke on the future of transportation where the world’s current 800 million cars may have increased to 2-4 billion cars by 2050. His concluding thoughts about the infrastructure of tomorrow point to a high-tech optimization of mobility. For another speculation

Failure to act will cost money, a lot of money

“The nation’s deteriorating surface transportation infrastructure will cost the American economy more than 870,000 jobs, and increase transportation costs by $430 billion by 2020,” according to a report conducted by the Economic Development Research Group of Boston for the American Society

Policy options for reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions from U.S. transportation: No silver bullet

Transportation accounts for 2/3 of the nation’s oil consumption and produces between ¼ and 1/3 of all the CO2 emitted from the nation’s energy consumption. TRB established a special committee of experts to explore policy options for reducing emissions from the transportation sector. The

Survey: Americans support infrastructure investment

Seventy-seven percent of Americans think the federal government should increase spending to repair the nation’s crumbling roads, bridges and transit systems, according to a report from HNTB Corp. The survey found that Americans would be willing to spend more on transportation expenses or

The FREIGHT Act is back

Senators Lautenberg (NJ), Murray (WA), and Cantwell (WA) have reintroduced the Focusing Resources, Economic Investment, and Guidance to Help Transportation (FREIGHT) Act, which was originally introduced by Lautenberg during the 2010 session. As reported in, the act

How Britain plans to cut spending while investing in infrastructure

For a view of how Britain plans to cut spending while investing in infrastructure, see this article at The Infrastructurist. “British Prime Minister David Cameron announced plans to severely slash government spending—only to follow up by calling for billions of dollars to be spent on the