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Transit funding shrinks despite increasing ridership

A recent New York Times article notes that, since 1995, transit ridership in the U.S. has grown by 31 percent, outstripping both VMT and population.  This is true even in cities that lack good transit systems. The growth is attributed to increasing numbers of baby boomer retirees riding

Ready for $4 per gallon gas?

That is the question posed by a new Planetizen article. Scott Bernstein of the Center for Neighborhood Technology, the article’s author, says the most effective solution is to reduce the demand by creating more “location-efficient” communities: “Our research shows that

Walk or drive and see how much it costs for gas.

MapQuest’s gas pricing tool gives gas prices for your town and nationally. As of April 11, the lowest priced gas is $3.19 in Mt Holly, NJ and the highest price tops out at $5.04 in Shoshone, CA. Choose a city and state or type in a zip code to find the lowest-priced gas in that area. If the

Where are they going?

The reduction in VMT does not necessarily mean that people are traveling less. Transit, car-sharing, casual car-pooling and bicycling are growing. APTA reports that “$5 a Gallon Gas Could Spur Up to 1.5 Billion Additional Passenger Trips On U.S. Public Transportation Systems.”

CO2 emissions from transportation continue to rise

Even where gas prices are higher than in the U.S., CO2 emissions will not decline by market forces alone, according to a recent report [PDF] commissioned by the European Union: The report argues that “meeting climate change mitigation objectives will require a combination of approaches aimed