Gas stations venting ten times more gas vapor than once believed

By Michael Brenneis Exposure to the chemicals contained in gasoline vapor poses serious risk to human health. Technologies have been implemented to reduce the amount of gasoline vapor released along the supply chain and during the routine fueling of vehicles. The evaporative loss during storage

Many variables in play as deadline for maritime fuel sulfur reduction approaches

By Michael Brenneis Maritime shipping remains the most efficient way to transport goods, considering its weight to fuel-economy ratio. Still, an average container ship running on typical high-sulfur fuel emits nearly the same amount of sulfur oxides (SOx) as 10 million diesel passenger cars. By

Fuel saving technologies for truck fleets

By Bill Holloway According to a new report from Carbon War Room, the adoption of seven fuel-saving technologies by the U.S. trucking industry could reduce carbon emissions by 624 million tons over the next ten years and repay implementation costs within 18 months through reduced fuel