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Connected cars and data sharing to improve road safety?

By Saumya Jain Wide scale advancements in technology and data sharing has brought about a change in the decision-making process of many sectors. The healthcare, finance, and entertainment industries all depend on a steady feed of information in order to make business decisions. But data sharing

In preparing for autonomous vehicles, agencies can make needed changes

By Chris Spahr and Chris McCahill The potential impacts of autonomous and connected vehicles on travel behavior and transportation system design have been the focus of much discussion and speculation, including at SSTI’s recent Community of Practice meeting held in Salt Lake City. While it is

Connecting cars electronically may benefit BRT as well

By Robbie Webber As research on connected vehicle technology has advanced, writers have hailed the potential impact on traffic congestion and questioned the safety for non-motorized users of the roadways. But “talking cars” may also be a boon to bus rapid transit (BRT) as well. For a BRT line

The Connected Vehicle (World Road Association and International Federation of Automotive Engineering Societies, 2012)

The advent of Intelligent Transport Systems has provided new opportunities for improving the safety and efficiency of the road network. The development of intelligent vehicles, connected by wireless networks to the roadside infrastructure, brings opportunities and issues which are being discussed

With continued testing success, governments are embracing connected and self-driving vehicles

By Bill Holloway The California state senate recently voted unanimously to approve Senate Bill 1298, which would establish safety and performance standards for self-driving, or “autonomous,” vehicles. The bill now goes on to the state assembly. Florida and Nevada have already enacted