Britain to raise motorway speed limit to 80mph

Britain plans to raise the speed limit on the country’s motorway system from 70mph to 80mph. The government expects the move to increase economic efficiency and commuter satisfaction through the reduction of journey times. Studies have shown that up to 49% of all drivers routinely break the

IBM Global Commuter Pain Survey: Congestion down, complaints up

The fourth annual “Global Commuter Pain” survey report released by IBM has revealed that although global traffic congestion is lower in 2011, driver complaints have increased in the same time period. Mexico City was rated the “most painful” city for commuters while Montreal, London and

Where we are today: Five-year trend from 2005 to 2010 shows less commuting by car

New Census data for 2010 show a gradual trend toward less commuting by car and truck, and more by transit, walking and biking. In the nation as a whole, driving to work edged down to 90.2 percent from 90.9 percent five years earlier. Transit rose to 4.9 percent from 4.7 percent, while ped-bike

Long commutes are worse than you thought

Divorce, stress, loneliness, and medical problems are just a few of the negative effects of long commutes. As Annie Lowrey details in a recent Slate article, a growing body of research has found the negative impacts of lengthy commutes to be wide-ranging and potentially severe. Interestingly, it

Have TOD promoters been putting the cart before the horse?

Building on its previous publication, Transit and Employment (2008), the Center for Transit-Oriented Development recently released a new report, Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) and Employment. The report challenges the assumption that employment dispersal outside of central business districts