autonomous vehicles

Cities testing out autonomous buses, but is it worth the risk?

By Sam Sklar Six weeks ago, Arlington, TX, approved a 6-month lease (with an option to renew for another 6 months) of two EZ10 driverless shuttles to fill a gap for more precise transportation needs for residents of and visitors to the city. According to the city’s staff report, the EZ10 is a

Shifting to driverless ride-hailing services—disruption, convergence, adaptation

By Mary Ebeling A new policy guide focusing on automated vehicle (AV) ride-hailing services argues convincingly for leaders in city government to set policies to govern this rapidly developing transportation service. AVs are not yet commercially available, but several ride-hailing, or Transit

Automated vehicles will bring big highway capacity increases

By Eric Sundquist As the transportation field grapples with the impending impacts of automated vehicles, one AV-related outcome seems clear: Highway capacity will dramatically expand. One new estimate comes from Dwight L. Farmer in the November ITE Journal (paywall). Because automatic braking

Searching for policy responses to the promise and threat of automated vehicles

By Eric Sundquist Policy around automated vehicles is expressed more in questions than answers at this point. How should we design, build, and fund infrastructure? Will autonomous vehicles reduce traffic and emissions by rationalizing pricing in a transportation network company (TNC) model? Or

Nevada green-lights autonomous trucks

by Bill Holloway Truck platooning, connecting a chain of computer-controlled trucks electronically to follow a human-driven lead vehicle, is still at least 5 years away from being used commercially, but the next step in freight transport automation is already coming over the horizon. Earlier this

Adoption of autonomous vehicles: Addressing the details

By Mary Ebeling Although the mass media has been quick to tout the practicalities of switching to autonomous vehicles, many complexities are also apparent. As SSTI and others have noted, a transition to autonomous vehicles may be closer than we think. However, at the recent TRB meeting the number

In preparing for autonomous vehicles, agencies can make needed changes

By Chris Spahr and Chris McCahill The potential impacts of autonomous and connected vehicles on travel behavior and transportation system design have been the focus of much discussion and speculation, including at SSTI’s recent Community of Practice meeting held in Salt Lake City. While it is

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the drive: An update on autonomous vehicles

By Mary Ebeling Since we last wrote about driverless cars in December, several states have taken a detailed look at legislation to phase in operation of this new type of vehicle. These new laws focus on testing, safety, and operations. Conversations addressing the thorny issues around liability

Ann Arbor could become testing ground for network of driverless cars

By Chris McCahill While driverless cars seem to be a technological reality thanks to innovative leaders at Google, questions still remain as to their implementation and practicality. Researchers at University of Michigan hope to answer these questions by launching a citywide network of shared

The winding road to self-driving cars

By Bill Holloway This spring, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released a policy statement on automated vehicles, which offers guidance for states that are considering authorizing tests of driverless vehicles. It outlines NHTSA’s research program and provides an overview of