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TOMORROW – ITS America on the New World of Performance Measures

ITS America is having a webinar on “ITS and the New World of Performance Measures” tomorrow, Tuesday, December 7, 1:00-2:00 p.m. EST, which is described as follows: “The next surface transportation legislation is likely to include a program of performance measures. Unlike in the past,

Kansas Increases Funding for Railroad Loan/Grant Program

Recognizing the importance of rail service to industries and communities dependent on moving heavy, lower-value-per-ton goods, Kansas recently increased funding for its State Rail Service Improvement Fund (SRSIF) from $3 million to $5 million annually. The program provides low-interest loans and

Streamlining that we would like to see in person

Big machines have an undeniable fascination. This one is billed as rolling out brick roads like carpet.

From the Community of Practice

The District of Columbia developed a broad-ranging Sustainability Plan to ensure that sustainability practices are incorporated into all agency activities.   It includes stunning photos from our nation’s capitol and a PDF can be found here. [PDF].

Sustainable Highways Self-Evaluation Tool

An ambitious effort by the FHWA to create a web-based self-evaluation tool for measuring sustainability over the life cycle of a transportation project or program is available in Beta.  The tool provides for self-evaluation from system and project planning through design, construction, and

How Britain plans to cut spending while investing in infrastructure

For a view of how Britain plans to cut spending while investing in infrastructure, see this article at The Infrastructurist. “British Prime Minister David Cameron announced plans to severely slash government spending—only to follow up by calling for billions of dollars to be spent on the

Voters approve smart transportation referenda

The Nov. 2 election dimmed the chance of a major new infusion of federal money for transportation.  But when voters were presented with local projects and plans, they usually said yes, even when it meant higher taxes. Voters in 13 states approved 22 of 30 measures on the ballot, totaling nearly

Every Day Counts

One of the themes for the SSTI Community of Practice meeting in Seattle will be streamlining transportation projects.  FHWA has a website called “Every Day Counts,” which is “designed to identify and deploy innovation aimed at shortening project delivery, enhancing the safety of our