Impacts of the Recession on Public Transportation Agencies, 2011 Update: Survey Results (APTA, 2011)

This report summarizes the survey results from transit agencies that asked how they coped with decreased state and local funding following the recession. Download the full report here.

Report of Minnesota’s Mileage-Based User Fee Policy Task Force (Humphrey School of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota, 2011)

Over a period of six months, the Task Force, appointed by Minnesota Department of Transportation Commissioner Tom Sorel, discussed and evaluated the overall MBUF concept and related issues, determined benefits and concerns, considered potential system design options and preferences and formulated

Moving Forward on Public Private Partnerships: U.S. and International Experience with PPP Units (Brookings Institution, 2011)

This report examines how states can create Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) and still avoid the pitfalls of these often complex financial contracts. Download the full report.

SSTI Review of PennDOT’s Smart Transportation (SSTI, 2011)

Smart transportation is Pennsylvania DOT’s integrated response to the crisis of crumbling infrastructure, limited revenues to address it, and the need to better align transportation with community revitalization and sound land use policy. PennDOT was the first state program reviewed in detail

Transportation Governance and Finance (NCSL and AASHTO, 2011)

The first nationwide comparative review of state-level transportation governance and finance based on original survey research. This valuable resource reveals the variety of ways that states have chosen to handle matters related to transportation governance and finance and will be useful for

Value Capture for Transit (SSTI Snapshot, 2010)

Value capture methods of funding public transit allow cash-strapped governments to harness the economic benefits of transit improvements. Download Value Capture

Freight Rail Funding (SSTI Snapshot, 2010)

State-funded programs to maintain or improve rail service on lines that would otherwise be abandoned or allowed to fall into disrepair, such as Kansas’ State Rail Service Improvement Fund, have grown in popularity as a way to reduce highway maintenance expenditures and spur economic

Paying Our Way: A New Framework for Transportation Finance (National Surface Transportation Infrastructure Financing Commission, 2009)

Demonstrates the financial crisis that transportation agencies face, and some suggested solutions for raising revenues. View the report here.