Ecodriving and Carbon Footprinting: Understanding How Public Education Can Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Fuel Use (Mineta Transportation Institute, 2012)

Ecodriving is a collection of changes to driving behavior and vehicle maintenance designed to impact fuel consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in existing vehicles. Because of its promise to improve fuel economy within the existing fleet, ecodriving has gained increased attention in

The Colorado Energy Smart Transportation Initiative: A Framework for Considering Energy in Transportation (SSTI and Colorado DOT, 2012)

The mission of Colorado’s Energy Smart Transportation Initiative was to develop a framework for considering energy efficiency and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in transportation decision-making. With SSTI assistance, a collaborative team composed of federal and state agencies, MPOs, and rural

Comprehensive Evaluation of Transport Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Policies (Victoria Transport Policy Institute, 2012)

Transportation strategies that reduce emissions and conserve energy and grouped into either “cleaner vehicles” or “mobility management” (VMT reduction and demand management.) This report examines the cost effectiveness of these two strategies. Download full report.

NCHRP Report 708: A Guidebook for Sustainability Performance Measurement for Transportation Agencies (2011)

This guidebook provides state departments of transportation (DOTs) and other transportation agencies with a practical and easy-to-use approach to identify and apply sustainability-related performance measures, some number of which may already be integrated into agency business practices, to

Moving Cooler (Urban Land Institute, 2009)

Third of the three studies, and the most expansive, as it looks at both built environment policies and pricing. Read more here.

Growing Cooler (Urban Land Institute, 2007)

Second of the three reports, more optimistic about potential policies. Read more here.

Transportation’s Role in Reducing U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions (U.S. DOT, 2010)

Read the study here.

California S.B. 375 (CARB, n.d.)

CA’s S.B. 375 is the strongest state statute on reducing carbon from transportation by requiring local governments to rein in sprawl. Read more here.