Best Practices

SSTI Review of PennDOT’s Smart Transportation (SSTI, 2011)

Smart transportation is Pennsylvania DOT’s integrated response to the crisis of crumbling infrastructure, limited revenues to address it, and the need to better align transportation with community revitalization and sound land use policy. PennDOT was the first state program reviewed in detail

SSTI Review of Washington State DOT’s Sustainability Efforts (SSTI, 2011)

This review was performed at the request of Washington State DOT (WSDOT) to assess its sustainability efforts. SSTI convened a panel of experts that included people who have led transformative initiatives as heads of state DOTs. The panel combined practical and academic thinking. The expert panel

Road Pricing: Public Perceptions and Program Development (NCHRP Report 686, 2011)

This report describes road pricing concepts and discusses their potential effectiveness and applicability. It also provides guidelines for project planning and integrating pricing into regional and state planning processes, and for communicating strategies and engaging affected parties. Download

California S.B. 375 (CARB, n.d.)

CA’s S.B. 375 is the strongest state statute on reducing carbon from transportation by requiring local governments to rein in sprawl. Read more here.

Performance Measures Report for Bridges (PennDOT, 2010)

PennDOT produces performance measures reports similar to this statewide version, tailored to each MPO in the state to aid them in managing their assets. Also see PennDOT’s Performance Measures Annual Report for Pavements. Download 2010 Performance Measures Annual Report for Bridges

Roadway Lighting Curfew Implementation Plan (RIDOT, 2010)

Action plan for implementing a roadway lighting curfew in Rhode Island during early morning hours, when traffic volumes are lowest, as a cost-saving measure. Download Curfew Implementation Plan

Infrastructure Master Plan Guide (DelDOT, 2009)

A concise guide to the infrastructure planning process. Download Infrastructure Guide

Smart Transportation Guidebook (PennDOT, 2008)

How-to produced by a leading smart-transportation state DOT. Find the guidebook here.