City of Chicago to save $400,000 by using Zipcars

Chicago joins New York in switching to car-sharing for some of its transportation needs. Under the agreement that Chicago signed with Zipcar in March, the City will pay an hourly rate of $5.95 for use of a vehicle, which includes fuel, maintenance, and insurance. The city expects that this will

Where are they going?

The reduction in VMT does not necessarily mean that people are traveling less. Transit, car-sharing, casual car-pooling and bicycling are growing. APTA reports that “$5 a Gallon Gas Could Spur Up to 1.5 Billion Additional Passenger Trips On U.S. Public Transportation Systems.”

A silver lining for austerity?

In an article entitled “Do Budget Cuts Drive Efficiency?” writer John O’Leary for discusses whether spending cuts lead to greater efficiencies or merely a reduction in services.

Tools for accelerating project delivery

In testimony to a Congressional committee on Accelerating Project Delivery, FHWA Administrator Victor Mendez gave examples of tools that save time and money on highway projects. These range from pre-fabricated bridge elements to design-build contracts to using flexibilities allowed under

Parking spaces add 10% to per-mile carbon emissions

From Sean Slone’s blog on recent reports highlighting transportation and the environment: One thing holding back efforts to decrease the number of cars on the road is the availability of lots of free or cheap parking. Under-priced street parking helps contribute to urban congestion and

Green fees? Oregon, Washington mull electric vehicle fees

From writer Josh Goodman: Both the Oregon and Washington legislatures are considering bills imposing fees on electric car owners, moves designed to make up for revenue that’s lost when drivers don’t pay gas taxes because they don’t use gas. The bills have key

Looking for a few good engineers

Speaking at a national conference on Good Jobs, Green Jobs, USDOT Deputy Secretary John Porcari highlighted green jobs that will be open up for building rail, for expanding transit, and for developing electric and hybrid cars. John Porcari will have a discussion with members of the Community of

What will this tell us about boomer drivers?

Researchers at MIT have developed a suit – an actual garment – that mimics the effect of aging on the body. As described in “A Graying Population Spells Business Opportunity”: “The age-empathy suit comes from the M.I.T. AgeLab, where researchers designed Agnes to help product

California’s Green Trade Corridor project underway

Construction of California’s Green Trade Corridor, a TIGER grant funded project to increase the share of freight moving on inland waterways between the Port of Oakland and California’s Central Valley, began last fall.  The project is sponsored by a partnership between the Port of Oakland,

Shining a light: New York City’s new zoning handbook

In releasing a new zoning handbook, New York City’s Planning Commissioner, Amanda Burden, extolled its virtues: “Zoning is the language of the city, it is a three-dimensional blueprint for what any area of the city can become. After City Planning released the Zoning Handbook in 2005, I was