From the Community of Practice

A new presentation from the Pennsylvania borough of Carlisle shows the approach of a smaller municipality to Smart Transportation.  The Power Point can be downloaded here: [PPT]

The Cost of Ending Rail Projects

New Jersey must pay $217 million after terminating a rail project, according to a Washington Post article.  

Warning system shows potential for alleviating crashes at dangerous rural intersections

From the University of Wisconsin, a note about ongoing research states that:  “In 2005, more than 9,200 Americans died in intersection crashes, and nearly half of those crashes occurred at rural intersections,” quoting Madhav Chitturi, an assistant researcher in the University of

LEED certification for parking garage?

The Chicago Tribune’s architectural writer asks if it is absurd to call a garage “green.”  

Dear Cities: IBM Wants to Hang Out

From the Personal Democracy website, an article describes an IBM project (“Smarter Cities Challenge”) to send 100 IBM employees to cities around the world to use technology in addressing a specific problem or opportunity.  

Examples of Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS)

The Center for Transportation and the Environment has prepared a report for FHWA that describes the CSS National Dialog activities carried out by CTE from November 2008 through August 2010.  The report provides examples of context sensitive solutions and brings together the materials and

TOMORROW – ITS America on the New World of Performance Measures

ITS America is having a webinar on “ITS and the New World of Performance Measures” tomorrow, Tuesday, December 7, 1:00-2:00 p.m. EST, which is described as follows: “The next surface transportation legislation is likely to include a program of performance measures. Unlike in the past,

Kansas Increases Funding for Railroad Loan/Grant Program

Recognizing the importance of rail service to industries and communities dependent on moving heavy, lower-value-per-ton goods, Kansas recently increased funding for its State Rail Service Improvement Fund (SRSIF) from $3 million to $5 million annually. The program provides low-interest loans and

Streamlining that we would like to see in person

Big machines have an undeniable fascination. This one is billed as rolling out brick roads like carpet.

From the Community of Practice

The District of Columbia developed a broad-ranging Sustainability Plan to ensure that sustainability practices are incorporated into all agency activities.   It includes stunning photos from our nation’s capitol and a PDF can be found here. [PDF].