Technical Assistance Projects

Current Projects

DelDOT Transit

SSTI is providing technical assistance to the Delaware Transit Corporation (DTC), a division of the Delaware Department of Transportation. SSTI will focus on the key issues of ridership potential/needs, circulation routes, economic development potential, safety, and connectivity with Amtrak and Septa rail services and will make recommendations of circulation alternatives and placement of a potential new transit center in the City of Wilmington, Delaware.

Integrating TDM into WSDOT Planning and Project Development

We are working with the Washington State DOT to help improve the integration of transportation demand management strategies and other demand side solutions into planning and project development activities as part of their Moving Washington framework, which calls for operating more efficiently, managing demand, and adding capacity strategically.

Massachusetts Mitigation Assessment

This effort will explore ways to use and monitor TDM programs as mitigation measures, in place of roadway improvements.

MassDOT Program Review

SSTI performed a program review of MassDOT’s three-year-old reorganization and consolidation to document efficiencies and better outcomes achieved, as well as continuing challenges and opportunities for improvement.

Strategic Consultation

SSTI’s experts have assisted a number of member state departments of transportation in evaluating their organization and activities from a smart transportation perspective. These strategy sessions are generally held over 1 to 2 days with a department’s CEO and top management, bringing the leaders of the organization together with outside experts to facilitate a clear-eyed assessment of department organization and policy.


Past Projects

Survey of State and Local Revenue Sources

Colorado Energy Smart Transportation Initiative

Development of the Land Use and Transportation Scenario Analysis and Microsimulation (LUTSAM) Tool

Economic Impact Performance Measurement

Messaging on System Preservation in Iowa

Reducing Costs in Kansas through Transportation Efficient School Siting

SSTI Review of PennDOT’s Smart Transportation

SSTI Review of Washington State DOT’s Sustainability Efforts