Community of Practice

SSTI’s Community of Practice meetings, held once each year, focus on peer-to-peer interaction between CEOs of state departments of transportation. Focusing on specific aspects of transportation policy and practice of interest to participants, these meetings allow attendees to share ideas and learn from one another’s experiences leading state DOTs.

While the conversations at these meetings are free-flowing without any formal motions or votes, and so there are no notes or minutes, we do make the briefing materials available that formed the basis for the discussions. These will give readers an idea of the topics covered at each meeting.

September 2010 – Minneapolis, MN

February 2011 – Seattle, WA

July 2011 – Detroit, MI

November 2011 – Detroit, MI

April 2012 – Detroit, MI

September 2012 – Detroit, MI

May 2013 – Minneapolis, MN – Making the Most of the Transportation Alternatives Program

July 2013 – Detroit, MI

March 2014 – Detroit, MI

October 2015 – Salt Lake City, UT

June 2015 – Sacramento, CA – DOT Sustainability Directors

November 2015 – Detroit, MI

June 2016 – Nashville, TN – DOT Sustainability Directors

July 2016 – Denver, CO

October, 2017 – Seattle, WA

July, 2018 – Boston, MA