The State Smart Transportation Initiative (SSTI) provides a range of services for participating states and the broader transportation community.

For participating states SSTI hosts regular Community of Practice meetings for DOT executives and offers free technical assistance for nationally significant projects as well as strategic consultation sessions with our team of experts.

For the broader transportation community, SSTI provides a clearinghouse of smart transportation resources and hosts regular webinars on SSTI technical assistance projects and topics of interest to state DOTs.

Each of SSTI’s activities is described in more depth below.

Community of Practice Meetings

SSTI’s Community of Practice meetings, held 2-3 times each year, focus on peer-to-peer interaction between CEOs of state departments of transportation. Focusing on specific aspects of transportation policy and practice of interest to participants, these meetings allow attendees to share ideas and learn from one another’s experiences leading state DOTs.

Previous Community of Practice meetings

September 2010 – Minneapolis, MN

February 2011 – Seattle, WA

July 2011 – Detroit, MI

November 2011 – Detroit, MI

April 2012 – Detroit, MI

September 2012 – Detroit, MI

May 2013 – Minneapolis, MN – Making the Most of the Transportation Alternatives Program

July 2013 – Detroit, MI

March 2014 – Detroit, MI

October 2015 – Salt Lake City, UT

June 2015 – Sacramento, CA – DOT Sustainability Directors

November 2015 – Detroit, MI

June 2016 – Nashville, TN – DOT Sustainability Directors

July 2016 – Denver, CO

October, 2017 – Seattle, WA

Technical Assistance

SSTI provides free technical assistance to states for smart transportation projects of national significance. Projects supported by SSTI range from conducting in-depth reviews of state smart transportation programs to improving tools for scenario planning and analysis.

Past technical assistance projects

Survey of State and Local Revenue Sources

Colorado Energy Smart Transportation Initiative

Development of the Land Use and Transportation Scenario Analysis and Microsimulation (LUTSAM) Tool

Economic Impact Performance Measurement

Messaging on System Preservation in Iowa

Reducing Costs in Kansas through Transportation Efficient School Siting

SSTI Review of PennDOT’s Smart Transportation

SSTI Review of Washington State DOT’s Sustainability Efforts

Current technical assistance projects

SSTI has a number of technical assistance projects currently underway. More information about our current projects is available here.

Outreach and Education

SSTI serves as a resource to the wider transportation community, including local, state and federal agencies, in their efforts to reorient policy and practice. SSTI wants the smart transportation message to inform as many policy- and decision-making discussions as possible, including those outside of our technical assistance and COP activities. SSTI engages with the broader transportation community through our clearinghouse of smart transportation resources and webinar series.

Smart Transportation Clearinghouse

SSTI’s Resources page features smart transportation publications produced by SSTI and other organizations. SSTI will continue to add new publications to the clearinghouse as they become available.


SSTI’s webinar series features presentations on SSTI technical assistance projects, reports, and other topics of interest identified during our Community of Practice meetings. For recordings of past webinars and information about upcoming presentations, visit our Events page.


Every two weeks SSTI’s newsletter highlights stories of interest, new resources available on our website, as well as upcoming webinars and other events. You can subscribe here.


You can also follow SSTI on Twitter: @SmartTransp