About SSTI

The State Smart Transportation Initiative promotes transportation practices that advance environmental sustainability and equitable economic development, while maintaining high standards of governmental efficiency and transparency.

SSTI, jointly operated by the University of Wisconsin and Smart Growth America, operates in three ways:

  • As a community of practice, where participating agencies can learn together and share experiences as they implement innovative smart transportation policies.
  • As a source of direct technical assistance to the agencies on transformative and replicable smart transportation reform efforts.
  • As a resource to the wider transportation community, including local, state, and federal agencies, in their efforts to reorient practice to changing social and financial demands.


SSTI participants include state departments of transportation shown above.

These states differ in many respects but share a commitment to rethinking policies and processes to produce better outcomes.

The SSTI Executive Committee is responsible for overseeing the initiative, along with the SSTI Advisory Committee, which includes five DOT CEOs.

For more information about the State Smart Transportation Initiative, please contact Eric Sundquist, SSTI Director at erics@ssti.us.