SSTI Community of Practice – October 2014

SSTI’s fall 2014 Community of Practice meeting was held October 8-9, 2014. These gatherings focus on peer-to-peer interaction between CEOs of state departments of transportation. The meetings allow attendees to share ideas and learn from one another’s experiences leading state DOTs. Meetings are open to state DOT CEOs and is by-invitation to others. For more information, contact Eric Sundquist,

Final agenda


Presentations and Background Materials

Big data

Don Hunt, Executive Director, and Erik Sabina, Manager of the Information Branch, Colorado DOT (presentation)

Rachel Bain, Assistant Secretary for Performance Management and Innovation, Massachusetts DOT (presentation)

Eric Sundquist, Managing Director, SSTI (presentation)

Big Data Sources and Uses

Streetlight Expert Metrics

Cellphone data helps pinpoint source of traffic tie-ups

Understanding Road Usage Patterns in Urban Areas

MassDOT GoTime System Briefing/Background 

Grow America Act Summary, Transportation for America (page 4 only)

Modernizing Caltrans: An update on implementation

Brian Kelly, California State Transportation Agency

Malcolm Dougherty, Caltrans

Caltrans Mission, Vision, and Goals

Success Through Partnership: The Salt Lake City case

Robert Grow, President and Chief Executive Officer, Envision Utah (presentation)

Andrew Jackson, Executive Director, Mountainland Association of Governments

Andrew Gruber, Executive Director, Wasatch Front Regional Council

Michael Allegra, General Manager, Utah Transit Authority (presentation)

Carlos Braceras, Executive Director, Utah DOT (presentation)

Success Through Partnership 

Utah’s Transit Story

UPLAN and Mosaic

John Thomas, Planning Director, Utah DOT

Matt Garrett, Director, Oregon DOT

Erik Havig, Planning Section Manager, Transportation Development Division, Oregon DOT (presentation)

UDOT UPlan Summary

Mosaic Presentation 

Mosaic Newsletter

Mosaic Frequently Asked Questions

Cleaner transportation energy

Doug Foy, President, Serrafix Corporation

Joe Cannon, President and Chief Executive Officer, and Robin Vercruse, Vice President, Policy and Program Management, Fuel Freedom Foundation

John Inglish, Director, Wireless Advanced Vehicle Electrification (WAVE) (presentation)

Steve Viscelli, Visiting Assistant Professor, Swarthmore College (presentation)

Bill Holloway, Transportation Policy Analyst, SSTI

Fuel Freedom Foundation Case Statement

WAVE Presentation

Truck Port Concept Summary