Tulsa turns the corner on surface parking

By Bill Holloway

Tulsa, Oklahoma, has extended its temporary ban on demolishing buildings downtown for new surface parking lots until the first of September while the City Planning Department crafts a zoning ordinance that would place new restrictions on downtown surface parking lots. The new ordinance will be ready for consideration by the City Council in September. Many of the buildings in Tulsa’s historic downtown have been demolished to make way for surface parking facilities and proponents of the new zoning ordinance hope to encourage more infill development and create a more walkable downtown. Bringing more attention to the issue, Tulsa recently won the Streetsblog Parking Madness competition to identify the American downtown most hollowed out by surface parking lots. This parking lot-filled section of Tulsa’s downtown is an extreme example of what Tulsa is dealing with.

Bill Holloway is a Transportation Policy Analyst at SSTI.