Upcoming Events

Performance measures for non-motorized transportation
April date and time to be announced

Cities, states, and the federal government have set a number of goals for their transportation systems. Measuring performance to evaluate how policies and investments are contributing to these goals is critical to ensuring progress towards them. However, determining how to measure the performance of bicycle and pedestrian policies and investments is uniquely challenging. Because the focus on [...]

Past Events

SSTI Community of Practice – Spring 2014
March 25-26, 2014
Westin Detroit Airport, Michigan

SSTI’s next community of practice meeting will be March 25-26 in Detroit. Topics and agenda are TBA. The meeting is open to state DOT CEOs and is by-invitation to others. For more information, contact Eric Sundquist, erics@ssti.us

Re-thinking the urban freeway
Thursday, February 20, 2014

Across the country, urban freeways are at the end of their design lives, and communities are wrestling with the question of how to deal with them. States and cities have the opportunity to re-think, remove, or re-purpose urban freeway space, which can address environmental and social justice harm and result in significant local economic and social benefits. This webinar considers best practices and solutions for aging freeways that states and cities can look towards to help mitigate freeway impacts and secure a healthy and more prosperous future for the communities these roadways travel through.

The Innovative DOT, 2014: An updated handbook for transportation officials
Wednesday, January 29, 2014

As transportation agencies around the country face falling revenues, shrinking budgets, and growing transportation demands, state departments of transportation are implementing innovative strategies to meet the challenges of 21st century transportation. SSTI and Smart Growth America continue to track these strategies, which are outlined in an updated version of The Innovative DOT handbook, scheduled for release in January, 2014. This webinar will feature its authors and contributors, highlighting fresh content and demonstrating how transportation professionals have applied the manual since its original release in 2012. Updates include new case studies from around the country and a wider range of strategies for project funding, improved decision-making, resilience planning, design policy reform and cultural change at DOTs.

The future of city streets: NACTO Urban Street Design Guide
Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hear from leading experts who contributed to the development of the new NACTO Urban Design Guide. This webinar will address how this resource will change the face of our nation’s streets, the ways you can use it in your community, and how specific topics and elements in the document differ from conventional practice.

TDM measures to reduce the impact of urban freight movement
Monday, October 28, 2013

The webinar will discuss research undertaken by SSTI on the social costs created by urban freight transportation and the freight transportation demand management strategies that cities are using to better balance their freight transportation needs and sustainability goals.