Guest post: CDOT meeting looks to the future

By Michelle Scheuerman Colorado Executive Director of Transportation Don Hunt had a feeling some pretty forward-thinking ideas could come out of the Futurist Forum the agency held earlier this month with senior CDOT management. “We rarely get to step away from everyday concerns and let loose

Multiple mode switch – transportation’s digital revolution

By Mary Ebeling There is a growing consensus that transportation agencies, especially transit agencies, should make schedule and arrival data more publically available to support the shift to a more seamless multimodal transportation system. This new system would offer multimodal travel options

BYU researchers predict high crash sites to help UDOT target improvements

By Robbie Webber Researchers at Brigham Young University have developed one of the most advanced traffic safety models in the country, and Utah DOT will be using it to target allocation of scarce funds to the most crucial locations to save lives and prevent serious injuries. Civil engineering

What’s stopping automated speed enforcement?

By Bill Holloway Blink. I thought I saw a flash of light from a small box on the side of the highway but couldn’t be sure. It was our introduction to France’s automated speed enforcement system. Several weeks after returning from our vacation, we received a traffic citation in the mail from

Illinois releases its first comprehensive statewide bicycle plan

By Chris McCahill In April, the Illinois DOT released its first statewide bike plan, marking an important milestone both in ramping up its comprehensive planning efforts and in becoming a more multimodal transportation agency. The bike plan was released as a supplemental chapter to the state’s

Michigan DOT takes an innovative approach to complete streets

By Chris Spahr The Michigan Department of Transportation has embraced the concept of “walkability reviews” and has been funding them in communities across the state for the past 10 years. The most recent round of walkability reviews was conducted April 21-25 in six communities. Walkability

Some urban roads are prime for bike lane retrofits

By Chris Spahr An April 11 post on FiveThirtyEight provides a thoughtful analysis of what happens when a bike lane is constructed on an urban road where commuters drive on a daily basis. This analysis counters opponents of a Brooklyn bike lane who made claims that it reduces room for cars and

Massachusetts and California DOTs endorse NACTO streets guide

By Eric Sundquist The move away from “stroads”—urban streets designed to rural road standards—received new support this month, as Massachusetts and California DOTs endorsed new design guidance that treats urban streets as livable places as well as multimodal transportation facilities. The

Feds tell rail companies to fix rail delays for Upper Midwest farmers

By Robbie Webber The Surface Transportation Board ordered BNSF and Canadian Pacific Railway to report their plans by April 18 to ensure delivery of fertilizer shipments this spring. The board also ordered the railroads to provide weekly status reports on fertilizer delivery for the next six

Portland considering new parking lot tax to spur development

By Bill Holloway Portland is considering a new tax on surface parking lots to spur development in the Old Town Chinatown neighborhood. John Russell, a Portland developer who owns buildings in the neighborhood and is pushing for the tax, claims that his planned restoration of a nineteenth century