FHWA proposing new road design policies for greater flexibility

By Dan Handel Earlier this month the FHWA announced a proposed change to its design standards that are currently applied to all highway projects. The changes are intended to give engineers and planners much more flexibility and autonomy by eliminating outdated standards. For roads with a speed

Research shows advantages, use patterns for different car-sharing models

By Mary Ebeling Car sharing is maturing, expanding options beyond the initial model of a station-based system structured around accessing and returning cars parked at designated location. Of particular interest is the free-floating car share model, or FFCS, which allows members to pick up and

Seattle to take over and expand bike-sharing system

By Robbie Webber The Seattle Department of Transportation is proposing to take over Pronto, the year-old non-profit bicycle-sharing system, in order to better integrate it with the transit system and invest in a significant expansion. The system has seen low per-bike usage, and city officials

To cut automobile travel, locate jobs near transit

By Chris McCahill When people live and work near transit stations, transportation service providers have a much easier job of providing essential first- and last-mile connections. While both ends of the trip matter, the location of jobs may be more important to consider in cutting automobile

Not just speed and land use: considering directness of travel

By Eric Sundquist Improving access to destinations means raising travel speed or reducing travel distance. Because of siloing within government, transportation agencies have traditionally worried about speed while leaving distances to land use authorities (though that is beginning to change with

High-speed rail pushes on without federal funding

By Bill Holloway Xpress West, the high-speed rail developer that had been seeking federal loans and private investors to support its plan to build a high-speed rail line from Southern California to Las Vegas, has formed a partnership with China Railway International USA to move the project

New MassDOT separated bike lane guide another step to encourage healthy transportation

By Robbie Webber At the November 4 Moving Together conference on healthy transportation, MassDOT will unveil their new design and planning guide for separated bike lanes. But details of the new guide, developed by Toole Design Group, have already been released via news stories and a presentation

Majority of commercial truck drivers would use paid parking reservations

By Dan Handel A recent survey by the American Transportation Research Institute found that over half of commercial truck drivers are willing to pay to reserve a parking space at a rest stop. This survey was part of ATRI’s technical memo Understanding Truck Driver Perspectives on Parking

Surgeon General calls on Americans to walk more

By Bill Holloway The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recently released a “call to action” encouraging Americans to walk more as a way to improve health and wellbeing, and to spur improvement in the walkability of American communities. The document identifies five specific

Capturing value for transit improvements

By Mary Ebeling A new transportation enhancement fund assessment on real estate developers in Cambridge, Massachusetts’ Kendall Square will help fund transit improvements in that area, including possible enhancements to the Red Line Kendall/MIT station. Some at the MBTA are looking at