Traffic deaths surge as Americans return to the roads

By Chris McCahill U.S. traffic deaths increased by 14 percent in the first half of 2015 compared to the first half of 2014, to nearly 19,000 deaths through June, according to the National Safety Council. If the trend holds, this year will be the deadliest for road users since 2007. At the same

As federal government mulls performance measures, the TTI congestion report returns

By Eric Sudquist The timing is apparently coincidental, but the Texas Transportation Institute issued its latest estimate of traffic congestion costs in late August, just as US DOT seems to be finishing work on its MAP-21-mandated performance measures on congestion and system performance. The TTI

FHWA: We are not a barrier to safer, slower, innovative road design

By Robbie Webber On August 20 the Federal Highway Administration posted a new page on its website. The title, Bicycle and Pedestrian Funding, Design, and Environmental Review: Addressing Common Misconceptions, belies the importance of the clarifications FHWA is trying to make. The page addresses

Transformative transit: Houston’s reconfigured transit system

By Mary Ebeling The City of Houston Metro Transit Agency, after years of declining transit ridership associated with dispersal of jobs and other destinations away from the city’s core service area, embarked on an ambitious multi-year effort to redesign its system to better serve the

States seek more information and control over oil train shipments

By Bill Holloway As shipments of crude oil by rail have climbed dramatically in recent years, high profile derailments and explosions—the worst being the 2013 Lac-Megantic disaster—have put the issue high on the list of public concerns. As noted in a recent article by Daniel Vock in

Drones could inspect bridges in Florida, saving divers from snakes and currents

By Mary Ebeling Florida DOT is working with a team at Florida Atlantic University College of Engineering and Computer Science to develop autonomous, waterborne drone vehicles to aid in bridge inspections. The National Bridge Inspection Standards requires publicly-owned bridges greater than 20

Urban truck traffic growing far faster than urban population growth

By Bill Holloway Urban truck traffic has boomed alongside the rise in e-commerce. As shown in a recent Brookings Institution blog post, while both urban truck and passenger VMT have been growing faster than urban populations since the 1960s, urban truck traffic diverged from urban car travel in

Transit: If you build it wrong, they might not come

By Robbie Webber Both the San Diego Mid-City BRT line and the DC-area Silver Line Metro are struggling with lower than expected ridership. Recent news coverage points out that both lines may suffer from poor implementation. The disappointing usage may hold lessons for other cities considering

Young adults want walkable, transit-accessible neighborhoods, say Realtors

By Chris McCahill The National Association of Realtors, in collaboration with researchers from Portland State University, just released the results of their 2015 Community Preference Survey. The survey reinforces other reports that younger generations are driving less and prefer communities with

NJDOT uses flexibility, community engagement to build context-sensitive interchange

By Bill Holloway When $17 million in funding was set aside for a new interchange on NJ Route 42 in suburban Camden County in 2005, NJDOT’s design concepts involved traditional clover leaf and diamond designs to improve automobile level of service and mobility. However, after engaging the