Population growth in San Francisco creates challenges for transit

By Chris Spahr A recent long-term transit strategy proposal by San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (Muni) Director Ed Reiskin aims to cut travel times on some bus and light rail routes in half.  However, this is far from the first time an idea like this has been proposed and many of

Report: Lower VMT trend is here to stay

By Eric Sundquist FHWA today released its monthly travel-volume trend summary, showing that for the first quarter of 2013, aggregate national VMT was down 0.8 percent and per-capita VMT was down 1.5 percent compared to the same quarter of 2012. Rolling 12-month figures were also down in both

As the cost of extreme weather events continues to climb, resilience is key

By Bill Holloway According to the recently released National Climate Assessment draft by the multi-agency U.S. Global Change Research program, climate change is now increasing the frequency and intensity of severe storms, flooding, droughts, and heat waves, as well as increasing sea level. These

Virginia drops retail fuel tax; states struggle with transportation funding

By Robbie Webber When Governor Bob McDonnell signed HB 2313 into law, Virginia became the first state to completely eliminate the retail fuel gas tax. It will be replaced by a 3.5 percent wholesale tax on gasoline, a 6 percent tax on diesel, an increase in the cost to title a car, a $100 fee for

California’s Zero Emission Vehicle credit program boosts Tesla Motors’ profit

By Chris Spahr Tesla Motors, Inc., the Palo Alto based electric vehicle maker, has taken full advantage of the credit system through California’s  Zero Emission Vehicle program to help post its first-ever profit at the start of this year. The ZEV program requires that automakers build a

Tulsa turns the corner on surface parking

By Bill Holloway Tulsa, Oklahoma, has extended its temporary ban on demolishing buildings downtown for new surface parking lots until the first of September while the City Planning Department crafts a zoning ordinance that would place new restrictions on downtown surface parking lots. The new

Study highlights importance of travel time as a metric

By Eric Sundquist As commute times increase, married women work fewer hours or even drop out of the workforce according to a forthcoming article in the Journal of Urban Economics. The finding, summarized for a general audience recently in Atlantic Cities, helps explain differences in women’s

Light rail debate could put an end to the Columbia River bridge project

By Chris Spahr Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber has taken the position that the new Columbia River Crossing bridge project will die if Washington State attempts to remove light rail from the project. “Governor Kitzhaber has been clear from the start: No light rail. No project. No kidding,” said

AAA: Annual cost of car ownership now over $9,100 per year

By Mary Ebeling AAA’s recently released report on the cost of owning and operating a car estimates a mid-sized sedan carries an average operating cost of 60.8 cents per mile, or $9,122 a year. These costs include overall maintenance, insurance, and gas, and are based on expected annual mileage

Trucking’s shift towards LNG picking up steam

By Bill Holloway With high diesel prices consuming profits and growing concern surrounding the impacts of diesel emissions, more trucking companies are experimenting with liquefied natural gas as a fuel. LNG has come to the party relatively late. Compressed natural gas powers most natural gas