Fighting transit fear with transit facts

By Bill Holloway While per-capita traffic casualties are declining with increasing transit ridership, many people still harbor an irrational fear of public transit—making them less likely to use transit or support increased transit service.  Todd Litman of the Victoria Transport Policy

Carmaggedon leads to significantly better air quality

By Robbie Webber As Los Angeles-area residents were preparing for “Carmageddon II” – the second scheduled closing in two years of 10 miles of Interstate 405, the busiest highway in the country, to complete bridge work – research findings were released showing almost instantaneous

Kansas City’s streetcar silver bullet?

By Bill Holloway Later this month, 730 residents of a special taxing district in downtown Kansas City will vote on a plan to tax themselves and area shoppers a total of $10 million per year for the next 25 years to pay the construction and operating costs for a 2-mile streetcar circulator. This

Have we hit Peak Car? What VMT data tell us

By Mary Ebeling Nationwide, the decline in vehicle miles traveled (VMT) is well documented, as is the decline in automobile ownership. Discussion of the causes remains a topic of debate. Regardless of cause, this new transportation reality is already changing the way DOTs do business. Most

Two new studies shed light on the link between transportation and health

By Bill Holloway Two new studies affirm the links between transportation, urban design, and health. One study, conducted in England, determined that providing free transit passes to senior citizens significantly increased their level of physical activity, and a second study in Canada affirmed the

Update: Group challenges alleged patent-trolling that targets transit systems

By Eric Sundquist In April, SSTI reported that a firm called ArrivalStar was asserting patent rights to a bus-arrival announcement system it claims to have invented, demanding that transit agencies and delivery companies pay for the right to use bus- and train-arrival apps and other tracking

Wisconsin is most recent state to consider mileage-based user fee

By Robbie Webber Wisconsin is the most recent state to consider a mileage-based user fee (MBUF). The Transportation Finance and Policy Commission, created as part of the 2011-2013 biennial budget, recommended consideration of the fee in addition to current gas taxes, licensing, and registration

SSTI and SGA release “The Innovative DOT”

By SSTI and SGA staff Revenues are falling and budgets are shrinking. Yet state Departments of Transportation have ambitious goals: improve safety; reduce congestion; enhance economic opportunity; improve reliability; preserve system assets; accelerate project delivery; and create healthier, more

New NACTO guide pushes U.S. innovation in bike facility design

By Mary Ebeling Many U.S. cities are including bicycle and pedestrian facilities in their transportation planning. However, these same cities often find existing design guides do not provide the set of options they need for non-motorized infrastructure, complicating project implementation and

Budget woes force student transportation cuts

By Bill Holloway As the 2012-2013 school year begins, school districts across the country are looking to their student transportation programs for savings. Because districts want to preserve funding for classroom instruction, student transportation is often the first budget item to be cut when