Colorado DOT and Governor’s Energy Office launch efforts to reduce energy use in transportation

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and the Governor’s Energy Office (GEO) have developed and in some cases begun to implement a range of strategies promoting energy efficiency and reducing associated greenhouse emissions in the transportation sector. This initiative began in May,

Capping urban highways can reconnect neighborhoods.

Cities are finding ways to connect neighborhoods and gain valuable urban space by building new types of bridges over freeways when they are reconstructed. The Chicago Tribune describes how some cities have created green space, while other “caps” or “lids” are converted to retail areas.

Study: Grandma and Grandpa driving more safely

You may not believe it, but Grandma and Grandpa are driving more safely than they did a decade ago. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, older drivers are driving more safely in recent years reports the Chicago Tribune. A study commissioned by the IIHS says that drivers 70

High tech hitchhiking as an alternative to transit

Zimride, a Silicon Valley start-up, allows people that need rides and people with cars traveling the same route to find each other. The New York Times reports that, as an alternative to transit or intercity buses and trains, ride sharing is becoming more popular and easier as more people carry

Pedestrians losing last refuge in the public right of way to bicycles

The entire public street – building face to building face – used to be the realm of pedestrians. As transportation modes changed, the pedestrian got pushed farther and farther towards the edges, first by streetcars, and then by cars. Now the pedestrian may be losing the last refuge, the

Underfunded Wyoming DOT says it will stop highway expansion to concentrate on maintenance.

Under financial strain, the Wyoming Department of Transportation has said it will stop approving highway expansion projects. Instead, the Department’s resources will be directed toward maintaining a state of good repair for the current road system. In this 2 minute video WYDOT told AASHTO that

CT paper cites PlanMaryland as good example

The Hartford Courant would like to see Connecticut adopt some of the smart growth policies that are in the new Maryland plan before it is too late. They see the update of the 1990s Maryland planning process as coming just in time. “As reported in The Atlantic Magazine, land development in

Biking for short trips equals significant health benefits

A new study conducted at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has discovered that there are significant health benefits to commuters who replace short car trips with biking. The study concluded that if Midwesterners ran half of their short distance errands by bike rather than car, 1100 deaths

GAO: When it comes to highways, all states now receive more funds than they contribute

A new report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) confirms that between 2005 and 2009, every state received more Federal-Aid Highway Program dollars than it contributed through the gas tax and other fees. This is a change from the past when the country could be divided into “donor”

Rahm Emanuel orders Chicago employees to use public transit

In an effort to crack down on the city’s generous travel reimbursement policy, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel introduced a measure that forces city employees to use public transit for work-related travel. Under the new program, employees who need to travel for meetings or assignments must use